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Change is good right?

It's been a while since I have posted on here, but as you can imagine things are a little crazy in the world right now. As I think most of you are aware that there is a pretty serious virus going around and if you didn't know I think you need to turn on your television and check the news. The initial lockdown here in Africa started on March 26 at midnight and was said to be 21 days. As we got closer to the 21 days the lockdown was extended another two weeks. As we get closer yet again to the end of this lockdown it won't be extended but slowly things will be opening in stages. (see pictures below) April 30th will be the last day in Level 5 and we will be transitioning into level 4.

The care points look a little different then they normally would. The kids come at around 11:00 am with containers. We take there containers and we wash them in warm soapy water even if they say they were cleaned at home. The kids go and wash there hands, lining up 1-2 meters apart from each other. As you can imagine this can be a hard thing for kids to do, so to help remind them we do things like setting up chairs in a line a couple meters apart from each other or putting lines in the dirt for them to distance themselves. Once they have washed their hands there containers are filled up with food and they take them home with them. You can see that so many of the kids just want to stay and play with each other and hang around the carepoint. This past thursday we handed out some small activities for them to do at home like giving them a tennis ball or jumping rope or marbles, etc. I have been helping at the care point a couple days a week doing things like cooking, cleaning, washing the kids hands, washing the kids containers and serving the food.

Last week I had my first birthday ever away from my family and friends back home. Not just any birthday either my 21st birthday. I must say this was a little bit of a hard day being away from everyone back home but I still had an amazing day here. My village family made it a very special day for me and ending it off with a barbecue/campfire and an ice cream cake. I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes that came that day it made me feel very loved.

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